Team building activities can be used to achieve a wide range of both personal and business goals. Most notably, team building events are used to bring together every member of staff, aiding communication and teamwork across every area of the business. Additional transferable skills such as leadership, adaptability and problem solving are often picked up during these activities, too.

Discover an array of Dublin City based captivating alternatives to your tried-and-tested corporate team building activities.


1. Cocktail Making Classes at Nolita

Get the party started, with an engaging and relaxed cocktail making class, you’ll be mixing, shaking and creating your favourite cocktails in one of the city’s trendiest venues.  If you’re partial to a mojito or a cosmopolitan on a night out and feel inspired by the famous foursome ladies from Sex and the City, a Dublin cocktail making party is the ideal group bonding idea. Just watch the bartenders work their magic and learn the tricks of the trade while you enjoy drinking them.

The activity begins with an introduction to your bar tender, who will familiarise the group with the equipment (strainers, shakers, muddlers, glasses) used to make fabulous cocktails. After a short cocktail making demonstration the group will all learn how to create and shake their own cocktails together, this is the perfect time to take photos. After the cocktail making class is over, your group will be shown to some reserved seating, where you can finish your cocktails and enjoy some sharing food platters.

2. Silent Disco in Whelan’s

Ever since the demise of the disco era, the music party scene has not witnessed a major revolution or trend that captured people’s imagination. That is up until the concept of silent disco came into the picture. Here was an idea that took the best part of music parties and combined it with the advantages of socialising in a non-music setting

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3.Karaoke at Cocktail making at Opium Dublin

4.Sunday Paint & Prosecco at Café en Seine

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